Achieve optimal results by following a system that is specific to your goals.  Our personalized and daily macronutrient program allows for dietary flexibility that enables our members to have a well balanced lifestyle.




From busy single parents to competitive athletes, we provide a personalized and focused daily macronutrient goal.  Our program allows for dietary flexibility and helps members reach optimal results.


We live and breathe this lifestyle.  Sharing our passion for food and fitness with everyone.  We know this works, and are so excited to share this with you.  #dothework


Technology has made it easier than ever for us to connect with clients all over the world.  #globalimpact with email, facebook, instagram and MyFitnessPal, we are able to keep in touch with our clients.


“I have always been the same weight and never able to lose any of it. I decided to try the Macro counting with Mindful Macro because...well, I wanted to feel better about my body. And, honestly, I can't believe the difference it has made in my life today. I feel happier with my shape and I'm improving my lifting at CrossFit Cambria. Thank you Kathryn and Michaela!" – Cathy Hall