For $100/month, you will get:

  • Immediate community access to other members and coaches
  • Unlimited 24-hour email access to our coaches
  • A detailed consultation with one of our coaches to explain the program and your macronutrient breakdown
  • An in-depth analysis of your goals, activities and eating habits to provide an individualized macronutrient-focused program
  • Weekly check-ins with the coaches
  • Regular pictures on a to monitor your physical changes
  • Regular challenges for our members to maintain engagement in the program


For $250/month, you will get:

  • You will receive the entire Mindful Macro Program (listed above), in addition to weekly meal planning
  • We will continue to monitor your progress on a weekly basis and will provide you with ongoing guidance and support.
  • We will provide you with a weekly meal plan with a grocery list to help integrate you into a macro structured diet.
I started using Mindful Macro Nutrition Planning in January 2016. In 20 weeks I have lost 20 pounds! I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6!
— Kim Sylvester